More Lunch Testimonials

Check out why people are raving about our box lunches, salads, barbecue pork, po' boys, and more!

Connie M

“Fresh delicious food. Was just comparing notes on Dixie Picnic favorites with colleagues in my office last week and sharing our favorite box lunches. Cannot beat the box lunch for the quality and value.”

Rhonda H

“I LOVE the box thanksgiving sandwich. Every time I come in, I think I am going to try something different, but end up with my favorite!”

Amy L

“The box lunch is super filling and delicious!”

Sarah D

“The sweet tea was icy cold & delicious! Our roast beef box lunch was super fresh & the tomato tasted home grown great! As usual the peach cupcake was the most scrumptious thing of all! Deviled egg & potato salad tasted so much like my mom used to make. FABULOUS!”

Natalie S

“I love the St Stephen’s salad. I get it every time. Dixie Picnic always uses the freshest ingredients!”

Lauren W

“Dixie Picnic is my favorite place to get lunch in the area. The food is always fresh and delicious and the staff is friendly. I highly recommend DP”

Julia S

“Always love the shrimp poboy. Ordered turkey sandwich for friend. Delicious!”

Judith E

“We had box lunch take out with delicious REAL roast beef sandwiches which are always a winning choice! Enjoy the box lunch because there is a deviled egg, pickle, and a side of one’s choosing. We choose Yukon Gold potato salad and dessert is one’s choice of UPCAKE! Delicious as always! Plus UPCAKES to go! Thanks Dixie Picnic for your friendly customer service, your high standards and delicious food!”

Bill H

“As always the staff are welcoming and most helpful + the Virginia baked ham box lunch is terrific + the potato salad is a trip back to my Mom’s kitchen + what guy doesn’t love an upcake?”

Fran K

“Chicken salad box lunch was great! Upcake made a great finish to the wonderful meal- Carrot Cake! Friendly service!”

Judy P

“My Thanksgiving Turkey Box lunch was delicious! Love the whole combo. Fresh turkey, fluffy Sally Lynn bread and great cranberry sauce. Homemade food can not be best. Service was exceptional. Attentive and pleasant staff.”

Camille S

“I love that I received a free boxed-lunch because it is my birthday month! The thanksgiving boxed lunch was excellent! I especially love the deviled eggs! Thank you for good service and food!”

Deb W

“We visited for lunch this time. My husband had the BLT box lunch with pasta salad and a red velvet upcake – he loved it all. I had one of my standards – the nutty chicken salad box lunch, with fruit salad and a peach upcake. Definitely the best chicken salad in the area & the breads are always so fresh & delicious. The staff is always so friendly & helpful. We love Dixie Picnic!”

Dani L

“Great service, reasonable prices. Gonzo pulled pork is as good as it gets”

Connie M

“Close to work, great for meeting friends for lunch, fresh delicious food. You can get a fast lunch but it’s not ‘fast food.'”

Michelle D

“Whenever I decide to dine at Dixie Picnic I always know that what I order will be consistently excellent. Once again, this held true at my last visit. And there’s nothing quite like topping off my lunch with a lemon upcake!!!”

Carole S

“Staff is always helpful, food is great…..Pulled pork rich and tasty, Box lunches are a priced well deal, pasta salad or potato side always fresh, lemonade addictive, salads large etc., etc. oh the bread and rolls always fresh….AND OF COURSE THE CRAB CAKE is FABULOUS!!!”

Kirk L

“Best lunch (and breakfast!) on the Main Line!”

Pat D

“Egg salad lunch box was great. Always love the upcakes.”

James P

“Best Grilled Cheese anywhere!!!!!”

Katherine M

“The prices are good and the service is quick in getting your food. I just love the chicken salad sandwich, I also have had the tomato soup and grilled cheese and was delicious.”

Mary D

“LOL I always go in with the intention of trying something different but as I drive from work I know I will be getting the chicken salad box lunch.”

Scott L

“The box lunches are great value for the money. I also like the buttermilk pies. Oh yes, the lemonade is the best in the area.”

Bill H

“Food – even bread – is done on site. Virginia baked ham box lunch with potato salad like Mom made is the real deal. Everyone is welcoming and helpful. Great experience.”

Barbara M

“Tomato soup was delicious and tasty. Grilled cheese was oozing with scrumptious cheese.”

Denise S

“As always chicken and turkey lunch boxes were amazing.”

John R

“I was on the go, so ordered one of my favorites, the Box Lunch Chicken salad sandwich…I was thrilled that it was delivered in minutes and then on my way to office for a very late lunch.”

Steven K

“Service was fantastic as always. I loved my Thanksgiving sandwich box lunch with the carrot upcake!”

Mary C

“The box lunches are a real treasure!
Love the entree, love the deviled egg,
Love the upcake even more!”

Dori B

“Always have gone for breakfast. Decided to try lunch and was not disappointed. Both of us got the box lunch and it was wonderful. Just the perfect amount of everything. And the chicken salad was amazing. Loved every bite.”

Mark W

“Takeout is very important to me and DP has a setup that caters to just that! I would suggest to anyone going there for the first time, to get there early so that you can figure out the uniquely different selections.”