The Origin of Dixie Picnic

A Return to Old Fashioned Cooking
The Dixie Picnic great aunts

“Momma”, Aunt Sadie, “Bucky”, Aunt Myrtle, and
Aunt Anne. Aunt Bertha was busy baking.

My three brothers and I were born in Virginia and spent our youngest years. Even after we moved up north, we continued to travel down south to spend many an afternoon on picnics with my Mother Bette’s eccentric Southern relatives. Virginia, our great grandmother known as “Momma”, Ruby or “Bucky”, our grandmother, and her sisters Aunt Anne, Aunt Myrtle, Aunt Sadie, and Aunt Bert were sometimes goofy to us as small children, but Oh Lord could these women cook!

As adults, we often howl with laughter as we reminisce about our “Dixie Picnics”.We also remember how fine it felt to open up our very own box lunches with a sandwich of home baked Sally Lunn bread and one of Aunt Bertha’s Upcakes with enough icing for every bite! Each and every one of these lunches was made by hand from real food and inspired by the love of those crazy women who would do anything to spend time with Bette and her “shweet dahlin chillen”.

As time went on and relatives moved apart or passed away, their delicious food and their methods of making them disappeared, surviving only on old recipe cards and in memory. We recognized that more and more people were tired of eating the same old bland, boring, mass-produced food that is served in chain restaurants, and founded Dixie Picnic with the goal of creating fresh, wholesome, homemade breakfasts and lunches and sharing them with our community. We hope that you feel just as enamored with our food, our family, and the Dixie picnic that we’ve been baking all morning just for you!